Did The Supreme Court Commit Fraud Upon The Court You Be The Judge Coming Soon

Overview & Update

Refer To The Initial Bankruptcy Case 05-13142 And Docket Sheet

Ms. Lacy Robertson filed (2) Motions the (2) Motions, Motion To Reinstate Dismissed Case 05-13142 and to Suspend Payment Plan, prior to Barry Freedman Corrected Wrong Doings via Objections (September 16, 2009) which were Granted September 18, 2009, and Amended to the amount the Debtor Corla Jackson paid October 1, 2009, not GMAC Mortgage Corporation aka GMAC Mortgage LLC, GMAC was not the Debtor in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case 05-1314, Corla Jackson was.

Corla Jackson Motion to Reinstate Her Dismissed Case (05-13142) related to Document (69) filed (06/19/2008) had already been filed by Corla Jackson on (05/21/2007) See Document (57) which was Granted in a Minute Entry (06/21/2007) and the Official Order was issued and sent out Granting (06/27/2007), See Document (60).  This Is Why Document (69) was Moot in the Minute Entry (7/23/2008).  In addition to this, the Judge issued an Minute Entry to Suspend Plan Payments filed by Corla Jackson Granting the Motion and debtors’ Chapter 13 Plan Payments to resume (09/1/2008) for All Approved Creditors if Approved by Court Order.  Barry Freedman Was Hired and Approved by the Judge to Correct Wrong Event, on ((06/26/2008) and (07/01/2008) and (08/19/2008). 

Objections were filed to Correct Wrong Events on (07/16/2009) on Claim Number 1 and Claim Number 7, which was Granted September 18, 2009.

In Order to Correct the entire Wrong Event in Bankruptcy Case (05-13142) the Order issued September 18, 2009 had to be Amended to be reduced to the Amount Debtor Corla Jackson paid because the Trustee had Violated the Courts Order Issued March 1, 2006 releasing funds to creditors without being Approved by Court Orders by Judge Mahoney in bankruptcy case (05-13142) money was missing and the trustee’s said GMAC Mortgage Corporation aka GMAC Mortgage LLC lawyer said they were going to give the money back and they did not, they kept the funds and more and the funds had to be accounted for before Corla Jackson could be Discharged. 

What the Trustee’s Law Firm did was the had Corla Jackson Bankruptcy Case 05-13142 Discharged around Judge Mahoney so she couldn’t see that the false creditors proof of claims were never approved by a Court Order on the Docket Sheet after she approved the plan (05/25/05) that was refiled to correct wrong events (07/01/2008). 

In addition to this GMAC Mortgage Corporation aka GMAC Mortgage LLC had already embezzled the funds in direct payments from Corla Jackson prior to the Order being issued March 1, 2006 which was Fraud. 

GMAC Mortgage Corporation aka GMAC Mortgage LLC didn’t have lack of standing to file a proof of claims prior to March 1, 2006, this was Fraud.  The entire event was wrong and had to be corrected by Barry Freedman by objections, which is recorded.  GMAC Mortgage Corporation aka GMAC Mortgage LLC didn’t have lack of standing when the plan was approved (05/25/05) or March 1, 2006, they were without lack of standing.

Bankruptcy Case (05-13142) had to be refiled to correct the Wrong Events, this is what GMAC Mortgage Corporation aka GMAC Mortgage LLC law firms has covered up, a White Collar Crime Robbery using deceptive practices guaranteed!