Corla Reeves Jackson Is An Historic Black Woman, Influencer, Inventor, Copyrighter, Whistleblower and More. Her Story and Influence Alerted The United States Federal Government Of The 2008 Mortgage Crisis Through Her Websites, After Being Robbed In (2005-2019) To Date.  Not Only Was The Government Able To Recover Over (25) Billion Dollars, Some Wall Street Investors and More Were Able To Recover Some Of Their Funds Back As Well.   

Corla Reeves Jackson Case and Complaint Was Unlawfully Dragged Out Unlawfully Until After The (2016) Election Until, Donald J. Trump and Jeff Sessions Could Take Office In (2017). After Donald J. Trump and Jeff Sessions Took Office, Trump’s Administration Covered Up Victims Had Not Been Paid In Full or At All By Their Affiliates In Office or Their Servicers Between (2017-2020). 

What Trump and Sessions Affiliates Did Through Law Firms and Lawyers Were, They Continued Money Laundering With Illegal Order From Corrupted Judges Linked To Them and Trump Pick Judges.

Trump’s Picked Judges Issued Illegal Orders To Sessions Affiliate Firms and Lawyers Linked To The Crimes, With The Intent To Keep Covered Up Victims Had Been Robbed Again Of Their Identity, Credit, Home, Land, Money, Settlement Funds, On Insured Covered Losses and More To Date. 

Victims Were Not Paid By Banks or Their Servicers or The States On Settlement Agreements and Funds To Give Victims Relief and More. 

Multiple Cases and Complaints Were Covered Up Under Trump Administration and Blocked With Illegal Orders Based Upon Fraud Upon Courts By Donald J. Trump and Jeff Sessions Law Firms, Lawyers and Trump Picked Judges Between (2017-2020). What Occurred Under Trump and His Administration Is Far Worse Than The (2008) Mortgage Crisis Guaranteed. 

What Trump Administration Trying To Do Is, Undo The Mortgage Settlement Agreements From The Mortgage Crisis Because His Affiliates Didn't Pay All Victims, The Government and More.  The Orders That Were Issued In Thousands Of Cases and Complaints Was Based Upon Fraud Upon Courts Linked To Their Parties Picked Judges, Corrupt Law Firms, Lawyers  and More Guaranteed! 

 What Did They Do With All The Funds That Were Due To The Wrongful Foreclosure  Victims Nationwide, That Victims Didn't Get!

Trump-Sessions Picked Judges-Lawyers Should Be Investigated


Jeff Sessions Affiliate Law Firms, Lawyers and Judges Inside Alabama Jurisdiction Were Money Laundering Through Alabama Law Firms With Illegal Orders From Corrupted Judges Linked To The Firms, Based Upon Fraud Upon Courts and Abuse Of Power, Knowing Victims Had Not Been Paid By The Banks and Servicers or The State Of Alabama On Relief or Damages Caused By The Law Firms and Their Clients, Banks and Servicers. 

What They Did Was They Covered This Up, With Illegal Orders Signed By Corrupted Judges Faking Demand By Jury Trials-Trials Without Recorded Due Process Prior To The Wrongful Foreclosures and Release Of Victims Original Notes. Due Process Was Served To Victims After The Illegal Foreclosures, Around (Real Jurors). 

They Used Their Own Employees As Jurors and Judges That Were Linked To The Law Firms and Lawyers, Using Deceptive Practices. The Law Firms and Judges Linked To Corla Jackson Case and Complaints Didn’t Want To Go To A Real Demand By Jury Trial, That Is Why They Faked The Trials With Illegal Orders Based Upon Fraud Upon The Courts!

They All Knew If They Got Busted, They Would Go To Jail For A White Collar Crime Robbery's and More Under Closed Company’s Names, Closed Trust and Defunct Company’s Name’s No Longer Doing Business, That They Issued The Illegal Orders Under.  This Proves Fraud Upon The Courts, Abuse Of Power and More Under Donald J. Trump, Jeff Sessions and (AG’S) To Date.  They Covered Up and Allowed Victims To Be Robbed Again By Their Parties and More, Violating The United States Constitution Multiple Ways Guaranteed!  

The Judges, Lawyers and Law Firms Should Be Investigated For Abuse Of Power and Fraud Upon The Courts and More, For Issuing Illegal Orders Under Closed Company's, Closed Trust and Defunct Company's Names Under, Donald J. Trump, Jeff Sessions s and Trump (AG's).  They All Knew Victims Had Been Robbed Far Worse Than The (2008) Mortgage Crisis Guaranteed!

USA Need A (President) and An (AG) That Uphold Constitutional Laws and Protect Whistleblower's and The American People-Citizens, This Didn't Happen Under Donald J. Trump and His Administration, Because A Lot Of Them Were Involved or Benefited Multiple Ways Guaranteed!